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White paper

Interplanet is high-level social network developer.

🪐 We intend to test how far, nowadays, a group of people united by one mission

can go.


👽 Our mission not only to change the general idea of social networks, but also to create new standarts for next decades.


💭 Today, we may have a feeling that all social networks have already been created and they couldn’t be better.


👎🏻 Global data collection for industrial trade on the darknet, monopoly and manipulations are just some problems of outdated web 2.

👨🏼‍💻 To create a new generation social network on a modern technology stack, we must use new solutions based on the past experience. This is a global work on mistakes and a bold challenge to corporations.

🚀 We have a plan


In community we trust.

🛸 We're crafting the future of social interaction. Some of our killer features, which we believe will redefine digital engagement, are under wraps for now. They are being finely honed to ensure an unmatched user experience upon release. We promise, what's coming is worth the wait. Stay tuned for a social platform that evolves with your needs

💎 🧼 ⭐ 🌐  🤖 Our Killer features which have no analogues in yesterday's web 2.

⚖️ Decentralized Autonomous Parliament (DAP)

Any user can join the Decentralized Autonomous Parliament (DAP) using NFT from the unique collection Interplanet. Thus, the community will form not only an expenditure budget, but also the main governing body.


By voting, DAP (Decentralized Autonomous Parliament) will be able to influence all important areas of social network management, such as design, functionality and commercial capabilities.

🕹️ First test.

Members of the DAP will take part in the first testing of the social network. They will also be able to choose a username from 1 to 32 characters.
(After the official launch, usernames will be available from 5 to 32 characters.)

🤑 Admin to earn.


Members of the DAP will get profit equals to 40% from the total income of the social network. Thus, they will be motivated to choose the most favorable solutions for overall development and convenience.

We are convinced that a new era of social networks will begin here.

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